We help Pharmaceutical Fraud Whistleblowers
Report Pharmaceutical Company Misconduct
and Collect U.S. Government Rewards

Pharmaceutical Integrity Coalition

Our Lawyers & Advocates help whistleblowers with information about a pharmaceutical firm’s dangerous conduct or financial scheme:

  • Protect Their Anonymity and Job
  • Prepare a Whistleblower Claim​
  • Maximize Federal and State Rewards​
  • Stop Dangerous Conduct

We also help victims of Bad Pharma file federal and state lawsuits for compensation.

Speak Confidentially with a
Pharma-experienced whistleblower lawyer

Who We Are

  • Former pharma insiders
  • Veteran whistleblower lawyers​
  • Former FDA experts​
  • Qui Tam pharmaceutical specialists

We Work With

  • US Department of Justice
  • Securities Exchange Commission​
  • US FDA & US Attorney General​
  • State Attorneys General

Our Clients

  • Drug Sales Reps
  • Quality Control Pros
  • Fired or At-Risk Employees
  • Pharma and Financial Insiders
  • U.S. and Foreign Nationals

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Qui Tam Law - Frequently Asked Questions

Can whistleblowers remain anonymous?

False Claims Act whistleblowers can stay anonymous while the government investigates their claims while a whistleblower who reports through a lawyer to the SEC can be anonymous throughout the process.​ More

How much do whistleblowers get paid?

Whistle blowers who go through the False Claims Act process rather than reporting directly to the government can receive 15 to 30% of recovery proceeds, including the total penalties which can add up quickly in pharmaceutical qui tam cases. More

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Recent Pharmaceutical Qui Tam Cases

National media from the New York Times to the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times have reported on False Claims Act cases against a rogues gallery of drug companies including:

And a dozen others including multiple qui tam actions against many of them.

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Do You Have Private Information About:

  • Substandard drugs in the U.S. market?
  • Drug sales reps promoting off label uses?
  • FDA reporting violations
  • Financial reporting schemes by drug firms?
  • Other pharmaceutical company misconduct?

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“The employee who, in the public interest, has the personal courage to challenge illegality is a kind of public hero.”